in the orchard - mini album

Hello! :)

Finally I'm ready to share my mini album made with Gossamer Blue June Kits. June is over and actually this album is about May's white apple/cherry trees :) My parents own a small but pretty orchard and this is my favourite place in the world. Let me show you more..

I love that part of spring when apple trees are blooming so I decided to capture it. More photos from this shooting you can find here.

Have a great day :)


  1. Przepięknu. Taki lekki i delikatny. I te cudne chlapania :)

  2. Magda, you and the orchard are so beautiful. The album is a gorgeous way to celebrate and remember the joys of spring and this wonderful, enchanting place. THANK YOU for sharing this! :) Gwyn

  3. beautiful. some thing so fresh about it.