pan pastels DIY - layout


Lot's of photos today for you! :) Let's start with my feelings about stamping.. Some of you know that I'm not really into stamps and I don't feel comfortable with ink. However, I love some stamps designs! When I got my June kits from Gossamer Blue I found out an easy way to play with stamps!

 Yes! That's panpastels - so easy to use, so clean and so awesome in colours!

All I did was to stamp my floral design with watermark ink and brush it with panpastels.

 I know I didn't discover anything special and new :) But I discovered that I'm not afraid of stamps any more - and that's the most important thing here:) Maybe it will help some of you too?

And here is my layout made with panpastel stamping. I hope you will like it! I'm so into pink last days - I don't think it's normal for me :D However, pastel colours were always 'mine' so - here I am with pink pastel layout :)

 And some details:

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate every single comment here - you give so much love - thank you!!! :)

Have a lovely day, all!


  1. Cudny scrap, romantyczny taki :)

  2. The effect with pan pastells looks so nice. And yes, you are right, bying yourself flowers is a nice treat. I often have a bunch of flowers on my table... Wonderful layout.

  3. Pięknie, strasznie podoba mi się ten patent. I ten wszechobecny róż w Twoim wykonaniu mnie nie przerża. Pięknie :)

  4. cudow :) fajny patent z panpastelami :)

  5. so cool! I pinned this idea! Love it!

  6. Absolutely stunning! I love the pastel look, so fun.