lot's of ♥ - layout


We hit another Friday of summer - and you know what I missed lately? Yup - fall! :) I miss the beauty of autumn colors, falling leaves, scrafs, mittens.. ok, ok! Enough for now :D
I have a full of colours project to share today :) It's made with summer collection from Color Hills - and it rocks!!! I love the design of both collections, they are fresh, colorful, just awesome! Take a look at my layout - it's about.. printed photos :) I like watching people when they get my photographs printed on paper, saying - wow it looks really pretty :D It happens - very often and I feel so blessed at that moment!

Some close ups:

Have a great weekend, my fellows! xox


  1. Beautiful! I love the pale colors and the wood elements.

  2. thanks for dropping by my blog, Magda! I love love love this! you rocks! and I am a nfan of your work, super inspiring!