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How's your week? Any special things happened to you? I know our American friends were celebrating 4th of July this week. That's why this week's theme on Glitz Design were about our homes/countries/patriotic. Well, I'm not into partiotic feelings so much, but I do love my home :) I grew up in a home full of love and attention. My parents raised 8 kids – I’m the youngest :) Our home was always a place were we could rest, laugh, share love with each other. There is no place like this – and there won’t be any other. I picked a photo of wild flowers for my layout and you may ask why. They always remind me of my mom’s garden – full of wild plants and our kitchen table with a bouquet of it as well.


  1. 8 kids!? :-o I'm an only child, unfortunately, I have always been wishing for siblings! Although I think 7 siblings is also exhausting sometimes ;)
    A wonderful page!

  2. I love big families!! :P
    And your sweet page too! :D

  3. przepiękne LO :)
    jeju, ile Ty rodzeństwa masz :D szaleństwo :D

  4. Aww! 8 kids! Ale świetnie! :) Kocham takie rodzinki :)
    I cudowny scrap!

  5. CUdna praca!

    Zawsze gdy wspominasz o swojej wielkiej rodzicne wyobrażam sobie świąteczny stół, z całym tym gwarem - jak w romantycznej komedii :))