flower crown - photoshoot

Hi all!

I know, I say it almost everytime - but that's true - this is my favourite session ever :D I had a whole plan of this session organized and planned in my mind for a long time: I knew I want a redhead girl with freckles, a big flower crown (I LOVE this big peony!) and a sunset. And here we come - I found her, I made a crown and we hit a beautiful sunset at the park in the centre of Cracow.
My model, Natalia, is such a great girl, I really wish every teenager had her modesty and charm! Thank you Natalia, for a great time we had together :)

Copyright: Magda Mizera Fotografia

 And here is my favourite one..


  1. Cudne! Czy to są żywe kwiaty?

  2. Amazing flower crown!You look so pretty!

  3. Modelo pullita eta argazki ederrak. Izigarri maite dut azkenekoaren indarra.

  4. Magia! Ale chyba najbardziej powala mnie ten ostatni portret. A kwiatowa korona moje marzenie! Może do ślubu sobie taką pitolnę :)