GOT addiction - layout

Hello all!

I'm addicted and I know it.
When I was a kid I rather stayed at home with tons of my 'imaginary friends' than go and play with the kids :) By my friends I mean books, of course! I love reading, discovering new stories and imagine how it could be being someone else.. Oh yes. My last obsession is well known 'Game of Thrones' which is quite strange for poeple who know me. I don't like fantasy too much and I didn't want to watch the series on TV. But when I saw the first episode.. I got lost :)

I built this page with Gossamer Blue September Kits.


  1. Piękny scrap! A co do Games of Throne. Nie podobają mi się okropnie :p Taki człek na opak jestem, bo na ogół ludzie są nimi zachwyceni ;)

  2. No opisałaś wypisz wymaluj moje nastoletnie czasy :D Tylko że ja pochłaniałam fantastyke, głównie Pratchetta, Tolkiena, Sapkowskiego i jakieś inne o elfach i smokach i krasnoludach :P

  3. You make me want to read these books!!!! Love all of your beautiful layers!! Xoxox