walk with me - layout

Hi all!

How are you today?

I have a fun, little tip for you using photo frames (I used frames from Crate Paper The Pier collection). When I first saw them I thought they are pretty and cute, but I had no idea how can I use them. One day the idea just popped off - I can use them as a background! I picked up four frames and my favourite patterned papers and I just made it :) Honestly, I like it very much!

And here is my layout. First I added my photo and title, then some embellisments and paper strips on the top and bottom of the page. It looks like a small collage.

I'm not a real cardmaker but I like to make it from time to time, so I decided to use my tip for a card too.  I like this bunch of flowers on the bottom, little dots and the tag beneath the frame.

Thanks for being here, my lovely readers! I hope you enjoyed my tips and you feel inspired! You can share some love on Crate Paper blog, too ;)

Have a great day!


  1. fajny pomysł z tymi ramkami :) bardzo mi się podobają obie prace :)

  2. love your works with all my heart.. they're so pure, gentle and creative!!

  3. Cudny pomysł z tymi ramkami. A kartkę kocham :) ten papier z kwiatkami jest boski, hihi, sama go kiedyś wykorzystalam jako bukiet na kartce :))

  4. lovely layout and card. Nice idea, thanks!