Project Life 1-3


what a beautiful Saturday we have :) The sun is shining from early morning, but it's not that hot anymore. I can feel the autumn coming soon.. but I love it! This is my favourite part of the year - late summer, early fall. And I think it's all because I'm a late-summer-kid :) Yes, I'm celebrating my birthday next Friday!

Last days were full of work and emotions. I've finally started running my business, I had a serious commision to make and few next are coming soon :) All of this made me think more about documenting the present. So I started my own Project  Life in a full version :D I loved my handbook, but it was definitly too small for me. I have lots of memories to write about and tons of photos I want to look at! And you know what? I love my PL already so much! I know it's gonna be great, because I want my life to be great :D

Credit: A beautiful flower above is made by my friend Kasia - Antilight :)

As you can see I try to keep it simple for now, just patterned cards and photos, a few embellishments to add. Can't wait for another week! :)

And here are some close-ups:


  1. super, pięknie Ci to wychodzi i tak jak lubię - prosto! ja też się powoli zabieram do nadrabiania PL, w przedślubnych przygotowaniam zarzuciłam wszystko w okolicach maja i teraz mam 16 tygodni do nadrobienia - oops! :D

  2. kurczę, też bym chciała! świetny, bardzo inspirujący :)

  3. Uwielbiam!! Madzia cudownie Ci to wychodzi :) A GB kit z tego miesiaca wpasował w Twoj styl idealnie i cudnie go wykorzystałas :) Oby do przodu i pokazuj więcej nowych stron :)