Mini Album - video!

Hi all!

I'm here to share with you a special mini album crafted from the amazing Maggie Holmes collection for Crate Paper DT. This time again, I thought it would be fun to show you a little bit of my scrapbook process. Lately, I've been BIG into movie production! It's funny that I discovered this after many years of photography. But, as I believe, there is always a "right time" to start something new. But I promise - it's last time thins month hahah - I don't want you to get bored ;)

Crate Paper - album from magda _m on Vimeo.

This mini is about the everyday. I recently heard that sometimes we scrap about 'nothing'. Well, for me, it's never 'nothing' but always something! I scrap a lot about my everyday activities, little things, about my happiness, my love for photography. And that's what my mini is all about.
Don't be afraid of scrapping small things - life isn't only about the big stuff, or the important moments. My mini is about my love for photography - I'm just about to start my own business and I'm excited about it! I've been working very hard to get it going. My days are full of work, but I always try to find time for life's little pleasures, crafts, books and even some wine in the late evening.

I like how I was able to incorporate so many different pieces of paper and embellishments into this mini album - flower clips, glitter alphas, bows, doilies, tags and an envelope. There is a lot of space for hidden journaling beneath the photos and tags. I also hid some photos in the envelope at the end of the mini. I think it will be my fav now! :)

Thanks for watching!


  1. rozpływam się. cudowność do kwadratu!

  2. absolutely amazing. Lovely pages and composition. Love it all! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lovely!
    I love that you used "mustache" for the envelope!

  4. Oglądanie Twoich filmików to czysta przyjemność :) A mini album piękny :) uwielbiam Twój prosty styl!

  5. Czemu ja go widzę dopiero teraz? Jest świetny!!!

  6. Dear Magda

    Thank you for this beautiful video. Your mini is so lovely. And you are right. We do not have to only document the big moments in our lifes...the everyday should be documented as well.

    I love your pictures and how you create beautiful things with easy tools!

    Thank you.